2nd Next-Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

The event focuses on next-generation RNA therapeutics and vaccines that are more targeted and efficacious, with reduced off targets compared to first generation RNA therapies, accelerating their therapeutic and commercial potential. Recent developments in therapies involving circRNAs, saRNAs, eRNAs, and tRNAs therapies are expected to be shared.

Selected Speakers

  • Francis Poulin, Laronde
  • John Androsavich, Pfizer
  • Michelle Werner, Alltrna Therapeutics


  • Potential of tRNAs and circular RNAs as the next frontier therapeutic modalities to unlock them as novel programmable therapies
  • Potential of circular and self-replicating RNAs as efficacious and novel immunotherapies
  • Strategies for optimizing the scalability and stability of endless RNA and circular RNA to influence prolonged therapeutic effects and commercial scaleups
  • Cutting-edge delivery approaches for next generation RNA therapeutics, such as tissue specific deliver
  • Advancing next generation RNA therapeutics to patients faster

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers and scientists with a focus on RNA who are interested in the therapeutic potential of next generation RNA modalities


Event Details

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