50th Organic Process Research and Development Conference

The event is a leading process chemistry conference, inviting key industrial experts from around the globe. The chemical and pharma industries are fast-moving and ever-changing, and the efficient conversion of a chemical process into a process for manufacture on tonnage scale has always been of importance. However, in the current economic and regulatory climate, it has become increasingly vital and challenging to do so efficiently and sustainably. The conference focuses on all these essential aspects of the chemical industry.

Selected Speakers

  • Alessandro Pozzoli | AstraZeneca, UK
  • Stefanie Roeper | Vertex, USA
  • Kai Rossen | Editor-in-Chief of OPR&D, Germany
  • Paul Brockbank | Almac, UK
  • Mimi Hii | Imperial College London, UK
  • Damith Perera | Snapdragon Chemistry, USA
  • Jamie McCabe | Merck, USA
  • Trevor Laird and Will Watson | Formerly at Scientific Update Ltd, UK
  • Christopher Ashcroft | Pfizer, UK
  • Georg Wuitschik | Roche, Switzerland
  • Hans-Jürgen Federsel | RISE, Sweden
  • Osamu Ogata | Takasago, Japan
  • Bálint Pethő | Soneas Chemicals Ltd, Hungary
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