6th International Mass Spectrometry School (IMSS)

6th International Mass Spectrometry School (IMSS)

Fundamentals, advances, instrumentation, and applications

The International Mass Spectrometry Foundation started this educational activity, which aimed to enforce, promote and diffuse the culture of mass spectrometry, in 2013 with the first edition of this school held in Siena (Italy). After ten years, moving in Europe and out of Europe (Siena, Natal (Brazil), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Sitges (Spain), and Belfast (Ireland)) the International Mass Spectrometry School comes back to Italy in the town of Cagliari, in the magnificent island of Sardinia.

It is a six-day school aimed to give a high-level education in fundamentals, advances, instrumentation, and applications of mass spectrometry to graduate, Ph.D., and post-doc students, and others working in industries and in different institutions in the areas of chemistry, biosciences, food, environment, and medicine. The school joins together participants from academia, public and private research centers, and industry, and it is a useful occasion for meeting students and tutors coming from different countries and creating new links and networking.


Topics Include

  • Mass spectrometry: overview & perspectives
  • Ionization techniques
  • Ambient mass spectrometry
  • Analyzers: in-time and in-space ion separation
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Ion mobility
  • MS Imaging
  • Data analysis
  • Complex mixture analysis
  • Target & untarget analysis
  • Applications in food, clinics, omics sciences, …
  • Innovation in instrumentation and methodologies


The school is organized in:
a) Tutorial lectures aimed at presenting theory, fundamentals, instrumentation, and applications of mass spectrometry given by an international team of lecturers;

b) Poster sessions. Participants are encouraged to present a poster on their own research activity. Posters will be exhibited during the full period of the school to allow those attending the school to go through;

c) Selected flash orals. Selected posters will be presented as flash oral communications;

d) Exercises with the active participation of students in solving some exercises on matters presented in the lectures;

e) Problem-solving in which students present to other students and tutors problems encountered in their scientific activity receiving suggestions on how to try to solve them.

f) Social program: Welcome party; excursion to the beach; Gala Dinner;



  • Carlos Afonso, Université de Rouen – France
  • Coral Barbas Arribas, Universidad San Pablo – Spain
  • Giuliana Bianco, University of Basilicata – Italy
  • Pierluigi Caboni, University of Cagliari – Italy
  • Diego Cobice, Ulster University – Ireland
  • Chiara Cordero, Univ. of Torino – Italy
  • Valérie Gabelica, Université de Bordeaux – France
  • Pascal Gerbaux, University of Mons – Belgium
  • Gianluca Giorgi, University of Siena – Italy
  • Ron M.A. Heeren, Maastricht University – The Netherlands
  • John Langley, President – UK
  • Giancarlo la Marca, University of Florence – Italy
  • Martina Marchetti-Deschmann, TU Wien – Austria
  • Nico Mitro, University of Milano – Italy
  • Giuseppe Paglia University of Milano Bicocca – Italy
  • Michele Suman, Barilla, Parma; Catholic Univ. of Sacred Heart, Milan/Piacenza – Italy
  • Vicki Wysocki, Ohio State University – USA


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