75th Annual Congress of Slovak and Czech Chemical Societies

The event aims to unite Slovak and Czech chemists every year.

Selected Speakers

  • Philipp Kukura, Oxford University, UK
    Mass photometry: weighing molecules with light
  • Milena Reháková, Department of Polygraphy and Applied Photochemistry, Faculty of Chemical and
    Food Technology STU in Bratislava
    The role of chemistry and material analysis in cultural heritage protection processes

  • Zuzana Vargová, Institute of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Science UPJŠ in Košice
    Biological potential of coordination compounds of zinc and silver

  • Dušan Galusek, Science and Research Center, Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín
    Can glass help us fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

  • Mária Mastihubová, Department of Glycochemistry, Institute of Chemistry SAS, vvi
    The contribution of enzymatic acylation to the synthesis of natural glycophenolics

  • Karolina Schwarzová, Faculty of Science, Charles University
    Boron-doped diamond: Perspectives of an “unconventional” electrode material after thirty years of research

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