87th Annual Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society (ICS)

Celebrating the 90th birthday of the ICS

The joint organizing committee includes ICS members from Ariel University, Tel Aviv University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As in previous years, the program will cover all fields of chemistry, including basic and applied sciences, and chemistry education. There will be a delegation of over 30 prominent scientists and graduate students from Denmark, including:
Prof. Sophie Beeren, Technical University of Denmark
Prof. Jesper Bendix, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Mads H. Clausen, Technical University of Denmark
Prof. Kurt Gothelf, Aarhus University
Prof. Luca Laraia, Technical University of Denmark
Prof. Morten P. Meldal, University of Copenhagen (Nobel Laureate, 2022)
Prof. Christian Adam Olsen, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Michael Pittelkow, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Troels Skrydstrup, Aarhus University
Prof. Trond Ulven, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Alexander Zelikin, Aarhus University

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