Advanced Plastic Recycling Semi-Industrial Scale Plant

Advanced Plastic Recycling Semi-Industrial Scale Plant

Author: ChemistryViews

LyondellBasell and 23 Oaks Investments are founding Source One Plastics, a joint venture that will build an energy-efficient, state-of-the-art plastic waste sorting and recycling facility in Germany. The new facility, which will use renewable energy from wind and biomass, will process the amount of plastic packaging waste generated by approximately 1.3 million citizens per year. Today, this waste is not recycled but mostly incinerated.

The plant will produce processed waste that will be a major part of the feedstock for an advanced recycling facility that LyondellBasell plans to build at its site in Wesseling, Germany. This facility, which will use LyondellBasell’s MoReTec technology, will be the first commercial-scale, single-train advanced recycling plant, designed to demonstrate its capability for further scalability. LyondellBasell already operates a semi-industrial scale MoReTec facility at its site in Ferrara, Italy.

The new plant will convert hard-to-recycle plastic waste into feedstock for new plastic materials. It is expected to enable the recycling of most types of plastics, such as multilayered food packaging or mixed plastic containers. The final investment decision for this project is expected to be made in the coming months. According to the company, the plant will produce two million tonnes of polymers annually from recycled or renewable resources by 2030.

  • LyondellBasell, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 23 Oaks Investment GmbH, Leiferde/Lower Saxony, Germany



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