Angewandte 3/2023: Opportunities

Angewandte 3/2023: Opportunities

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, X. Lu et al. review kinetics driven by hollow nanoreactors as opportunities for controllable catalysis. The Minireviews deal with doping/alloying pathways to lead-free halide perovskites with ultimate photoluminescence quantum yields (C. J. Brabec et al.) as well as three-dimensional covalent organic frameworks from synthesis to applications (Q. Fang et al.). A. Thevenon and I. Vollmer highlight work toward cradle-to-cradle polyolefin lifecycles.

In the original research section, L. Heinke et al. describe nanoporous films with oriented arrays of molecular motors for photoswitching guest adsorption and diffusion. S. Harder et al. succeeded in an alkaline-earth metal-mediated benzene-to-biphenyl coupling. J. Zhang et al. obtained structurally defined water-soluble metallofullerene derivatives for biomedical applications (see picture). J. Luo et al. synthesized NaCdSb, an orthorhombic Zintl phase with exceptional intrinsic thermoelectric performance.


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