Angewandte 6/2023: Inspiring Nature

Angewandte 6/2023: Inspiring Nature

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, M. Prato et al. review the covalent functionalization of surface-supported graphene. How can the reactivity, and electronic and immobilizing properties be tailored? The Minireviews deal with excitation-dependent multicolor luminescence of organic materials (Y. Zhang et al.), helical peptides and foldamers for metal–helix frameworks (R. Misra et al.), as well as biological effects of black phosphorus nanomaterials on mammalian cells and organisms (B. Xing et al.). In an Obituary, M. Finze and M. Gerken praise the life and research of Helge Willner (1947–2022).

In the original research section, S.-H. Yu et al. present an all-natural wood-inspired aerogel (see picture). C. Serre et al. report on metal–organic frameworks with open metal(III) sites for the environmental capture of polar volatile organic compounds. D. Écija et al. succeeded in the design and manipulation of a minimalistic hydrocarbon nanocar on Au(111). R. Anwander et al. put methyllithium under close scrutiny, and S. Papot et al. developed stimuli-responsive catenane-based catalysts.


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