Angewandte Chemie 1/2023: Little Boxes

Angewandte Chemie 1/2023: Little Boxes

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, A. Kaur et al. review photochemical mechanisms of fluorophores employed in single-molecule localization microscopy. J. F. Stoddart et al. tell the story of tetracationic cyclophane (“the little blue box”) in a tribute to Siegfried Hünig, who pioneered the syntheses of viologen-containing cyclophanes, but also revealed their rich redox chemistry. The Minireviews deal with multi-spatiotemporal probing of neurochemical events by electrochemical sensing (L. Mao et al.) as well as hybrid materials of metal nanoparticles and polyoxometalates (K. Suzuki et al.). C. Sicard highlights work on in situ enzyme immobilization by covalent organic frameworks.

In the original research section, E. M. Chan et al. demonstrate tuning phonon energies in lanthanide-doped potassium lead halide nanocrystals for enhanced nonlinearity and upconversion. J. A. Ellman et al. describe imine directed Cp*RhIII-catalyzed N–H functionalizations and annulations with amino acids, aldehydes, and diazo compounds. X. Huang et al. describe the synthesis of a systematic 64-membered heparan sulfate tetrasaccharide library (see picture). G. Roelfes et al. developed in vivo biocatalytic cascades that include an artificial-enzyme-catalyzed new-to-nature reaction.

In their Editorial, the journal’s Executive Editors discuss the development of the journal during the past year and announce new members of the International Advisory Board.


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