BASF’s Chemovator Welcomes External Startups to Incubation Program

BASF’s Chemovator Welcomes External Startups to Incubation Program

Author: ChemistryViews

Chemovator, operating under the guidance of BASF, has been dedicated to developing scalable and investable business models from internal ideas for the past five years. Now, the incubator is extending its invitation to all early-stage startups working towards a successful and sustainable future in the chemical industry. Chemovator focuses on supporting startups in sustainability, process optimization, research, service optimization, and next-generation materials. These include innovations in areas like fire protection, stabilizers for plastics, sustainable packaging, and crop protection.

Established in 2018, Chemovator is a wholly-owned group company within BASF SE. It offers an unconventional startup environment that fosters creativity, providing ample space for innovative thinking. From the early stages of validation to successful commercialization, Venture Teams receive support from experienced entrepreneurs and investors who possess a wealth of expertise in building startups and new businesses from scratch. This support includes coaching, mentoring, and expanded networking opportunities.

After five years, the balance of Chemovator’s efforts shows that BASF employees have presented over 200 ideas, with 30 of them accepted into the program. Three teams have been reintegrated into BASF’s portfolio, while five companies have been successfully spun off. Currently, eight teams are in various phases of the Chemovator program.



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