Cell-Cultured Cocoa

Cell-Cultured Cocoa

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The traditional cocoa growing areas near the Equator are threatened by climate change and it may become increasingly difficult to grow cocoa in the future. Although Fazer is committed to combating climate change in line with its sustainability goals, the company is also exploring alternative sources for sustainable cocoa.

In collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. in Espoo Finland, Frazer has achieved the first successful results with cell-cultured cocoa. As part of a larger Finnish research project, Fazer is exploring the potential of cellular agriculture as a means for growing cocoa.

Cellular agriculture means biotechnological production instead of farming, with minimal land and other natural resources required for the production. Instead, production takes place in bioreactors under controlled conditions. Cell-cultured cocoa is a novel food in the EU, and it needs to be approved according to the EFSA process (European Food Safety Authority). It will take years before cell-cultured cocoa is launched on the market. VTT is conducting similar studies with coffee.

Fazer’s project on cell-cultured cocoa receives funding from Business Finland.


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Interview with Heiko Rischer, VTT Finland, about the potential of cellular agriculture for sustainable food production


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