ChemElectroChem – Happy 10th Birthday!

ChemElectroChem – Happy 10th Birthday!

Author: ChemistryViews

Over the past decade, ChemElectroChem has undergone remarkable growth and transformation. Initially led by Greta Heydenrych and Kate Lawrence, the journal has become a trusted platform for the global electrochemistry community, now under the leadership of Rosalba A. Rincón.

The journal started its journey in 2013 and has made significant progress since then, publishing 192 issues and approximately 4200 manuscripts, including different article types such as research papers, reviews, concepts, highlights, and perspectives. The journal has successfully curated 40 special issues and collections under the guidance of esteemed guest editors, covering diverse topics such as electrocatalysis, energy storage, sensors and nanoscience, reflecting the broad scope of the journal.

Throughout its journey, ChemElectroChem has continued to evolve, transitioning from special issues to special collections, adopting eLocators over traditional page numbers, establishing an Early Career Editorial Board (ECAB), and introducing data reporting checklists. Most notably, it recently became the first journal within Chemistry Europe to move to a fully open access (OA) model, emphasizing adaptability to the needs of the scientific community and striving for inclusivity and diversity.

In line with the open science movement, ChemElectroChem‘s transition to a fully open access journal from January 2023 will enhance accessibility, visibility, and compliance with funding agency requirements. In addition, its indexing in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) since May 2023 further solidifies its commitment to maintaining high standards within the OA publishing landscape.


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