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Some highlights from Chemistry Europe and the participating chemical societies

14 May 2020

Spotlight: Chemistry Europe Fellows 2018/2019

Chemistry Europe is proud to honor its new Fellows for their support and contributions towards the European joint publishing venture

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05 May 2020

Interview: Youngest Board Member of the German Chemical Society

Katharina Uebele on the potential of heterogeneous networks and how important the interests of young chemists are for chemical societies

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03 March 2020

Spotlight: Slovak Chemical Society Youth Forum

Activities of the Youth Forum of the Slovak Chemical Society, founded in 2018

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21 April 2020

Advertorial: Discover Chemistry Europe

Working together to drive scientific breakthroughs

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Event: 1st ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium

15:00 CEST May 27, 2020 – Talks by Tom Grossmann, Alison Narayan, and Gonçalo Bernardes

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Editors’ Choice: Chemistry Spotlights

Selected articles just published in Chemistry Europe and ACES journals

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