ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 4



Annual Report

ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter Issue No. 4

Hello, Grüezi, Ahoj, Salut, Hallo, Ciao, Hoi, Cześč, Olá, ¡Hola!, Hej, Γεια σου!

The Story of ChemPubSoc Europe – A Fairy Tale Come True!

Once upon a time …





Made in Europe for the World – By the World

Close to 60 editorial staff-members from 15 nations, work in a unique assembly of knowledge and cultures. Altogether there are more than 500 years of experience in publishing …




Society Driven with Global Advice

16 societies and nearly 700 active researchers functioning as editorial board members who are guiding …



ChemPubSoc Europe Editors Are Where You Are

On average every week two ChemPubSoc Europe editors travel to one of your conferences …



Would You Like to Become an Editor Yourself?

Then be a guest editor for a special issue. More than 20 important fields …



ChemPubSoc Europe Journals Reach Researchers from All Over the World!

ChemPubSoc Europe selected a publisher that can bring your research to chemists all over the world. A sales team …



Quality Counts – Major Innovations and Experiments in 2012

Open Access: As early as 2010 all ChemPubSoc Europe journals have enabled authors to publish articles with free access to all readers (Open Access) via Online Open …



Quality First – ChemPubSoc Europe’s Imperative

In 2012 the numbers of submissions, published articles increased once again at double-digit rates while the quality was maintained …



Quality and Sustainability

2012 saw the smooth transformation of Czech’s Chemical Communications (founded 1929) into ChemPlusChem. 132 papers were published; 197 rejected …



Future – Changing World

ChemPubSoc Europe listens to its communities and in 2012 prepared for the start of ChemElectroChem. It also supported …


We thank all authors, referees, society members and readers for their trust in ChemPubSoc Europe publishing.

Thank you, Merci, ¡Gracias!, Danke, Grazie, Tack, Bedankt, Obrigado, Dziękuję, Köszi, Ďakujem, ευχαρΙστω!

With best regards,

Francesco de Angelis
Francesco de Angelis
Christian Armatore
Christian Amatore
Wolfram Koch
Wolfram Koch
Luis Oro
Luis Oro

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