ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 6

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ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 6.

May 2014

Greetings and salutations, this newsletter is produced for our global chemistry community, and especially for the member Chemical Societies that make up ChemPubSoc Europe.
You can keep up-to-date by reading about some of the exciting events that the European chemical societies are involved in. The members of ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH would love to take this opportunity to share some of the great things that are going on.

Interview with E. Peter Kündig

The President of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) talks with Vera Köster about the changes occurring at the SCS. These include opening up to scientists working in fields adjacent to core areas of chemistry and forming closer contacts to industry. He also discusses how he sees the future of chemistry in Switzerland.

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The All New Fellows Program
Every great Chemical Society has its ambassadors and it is this motivation that has encouraged ChemPubSoc Europe to start this initiative. The Fellows program enables ChemPubSoc Europe to recognize and honor outstanding members of the chemistry community.

To find out what it takes to be a fellow, click here.

News from the ChemPubSoc Europe Presidents Meeting

Hosted in Paris by the French Chemical Society (SCF), the meeting provided an overview of the progress of their mutual interest – ChemPubSoc Europe titles – and an opportunity to decide on the strategy to best benefit their society members and scientific publishing in general.

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ChemPubSoc Europe Journals Online, Anywhere

Now not only can you enjoy using the great apps for the ChemPubSoc Europe Journals, the “Anywhere Article”, a new streamlined reading format, is now live!
The Anywhere Article is designed to intuitively bring more information to your fingertips and is perfectly accessible on all devices.

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The Best of Chemistry Views 2013

What’s the most favorite content of ChemViews, the online magazine of ChemPubSoc Europe? Take a look at the most read articles and interviews and most seen videos and webinars of 2013. The selection ranges from insights into what is in your shampoo, what makes a great chemistry journal, how to succeed in the lab or what shale gas and fracking is.

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All ChemPubSoc Europe Journals are edited by inhouse editorial teams in collaboration with academic and industrial board members. For all the latest developments, please find below links to all of this year’s editorials:


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Finally, we would like to thank all authors, referees, society members and readers for their trust in ChemPubSoc Europe publishing.

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Francesco de Angelis

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