ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 18


IYPT 2019, celebrating journal anniversaries, open access

CPSE and Wiley-VCH

ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 18

May 2019

Share Knowledge - Create Bonds

ChemPubSoc Europe has launched into the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT 2019) with verve. In this issue we bring you an update on the progress of our 16 titles, we toast the respective 10th and 5th Anniversaries of ChemCatChem and ChemElectroChem, and we acquaint you with ChemPubSoc Europe’s official statement on Plan S.

ChemPubSoc Europe in the IYPT 2019

The IYPT follows hot on the heels of a productive calendar year 2018. In this item we highlight ChemPubSoc Europe’s growth metrics and changes to the responsible teams.

In 2019, ChemPubSoc Europe journals roll out a harmonized Notice to Authors and preprints guidance that will simplify the submission process for authors. We bring you an overview of ChemPubSoc Europe’s activities to mark IYPT 2019, including special articles, competitions, and prizes.

ChemCatChem and ChemElectroChem celebrate birthdays

This year ChemCatChem celebrates a decade of publishing in catalysis and it’s ChemElectroChem’s 5th Anniversary. ChemPubSoc Europe led the way with the establishment of these two journals; it created an over-arching catalysis journal and ignited a revival in electrochemistry. To commemorate the occasion, the journals have published first issues packed with research and review articles—many of which are authored by Board members. These are free to read in 2019. Read about the efforts of both journals to support society publishing, women in chemistry, and more.

ChemPubSoc Europe’s Feedback on Plan S

In 2018, some European funding organizations formed cOAlition S and released “Plan S“, followed by an implementation directive. Like many societies, the 16 European chemical societies comprising ChemPubSoc Europe have submitted feedback to cOAlition S regarding the implementation guidance.

Wiley and Projekt DEAL, a consortium of more than 700 German libraries and research institutes, have established a landmark agreement for Germany to pilot new publishing models. ChemPubSoc Europe is proud to be part of this innovative and transformative action toward open science. For more information, visit:

There are many excellent reasons to publish with ChemPubSoc Europe. We look forward to your high-quality submissions!

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