ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 20

Ethical Awareness and Diversity in Scientific Publishing

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ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 20 December 2019
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ChemPubSoc Europe is a society publishing group with a goal: wherever you are and whatever your background, we are striving to represent your high-quality research in our titles. This 20th newsletter brings you insights from the editorial offices; we outline the importance of ethical practices and diversity in chemical research and scientific dissemination.

Season’s Greetings

The editorial offices are located in Weinheim at the foot of the beautiful Odenwald, near Heidelberg. We have a daily reminder of our responsibility to the planet and society—an imperative we share with many chemists. Thank you for collaborating with us during IYPT2019 to bring greater awareness to the wonders, as well as the challenges, of chemistry.

In the New Year, the 100th anniversary of macromolecular science will inspire a focus on polymers. And several journals celebrate birthdays: Chemistry–A European Journal turns 25, ChemPhysChem and ChemBioChem 20, and ChemistryViews will be 10. Read about the latest developments at ChemPubSoc Europe.

[Weinheim picture credits: 1 & 2 Sven Sasse–Rösch, 3 Mario Müller.]

Ethical Awareness in Scientific Publishing

ChemPubSoc Europe adheres to the same ethical standards as the European Chemical Society (EuChemS) and its >160 thousand members: to publish accurate, honest, and representative accounts of original research. Unethical conduct in scholarly publishing undermines the scientific record and jeopardizes the future of chemical research and researchers. And yet, our editors and referees detect unethical practices regularly. Education and dialogue are needed to foster a community with a common ethical ethos. Please contact the editors if you have concerns about a paper.

Advocating for Diversity

Gender parity is important to ChemPubSoc Europe. Our editorial teams are representative of the diversity in research; they are a multinational group of men and women, including members of the LGBTQ community—all trained chemists with doctorates from leading institutes. It is our conviction that creative high-quality research stems from diversity and inclusivity, as well as experience in chemical research. Every skilled researcher should be able to reach their full potential. Our editors and societies advocate for better science through awareness and inclusion.

Strengthen your national society with high-quality submissions to ChemPubSoc Europe. Our editors look forward to working with you.

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