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Dr. Marisa Spiniello, who ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of ChemPlusChem from January 1st 2015, represented all ChemPubSoc Europe journals at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) National Congress held in Adelaide, 7th – 12th December, 2014. At this congress, which is known as an excellent showcase for top Australian science, Marisa had a valuable opportunity to meet with Professor Christian Amatore, one of the four presidents of ChemPubSoc Europe journals, to discuss latest developments, as well as talk with Australian-based ChemPlusChem board members Professor Stuart Batten and Professor Thomas Maschmeyer. Marissa joined Wiley-VCH in 2007 as an Assistant Editor at Angewandte Chemie and has served as Deputy Editor to Dr. Neville Compton for ChemPlusChem since 2012.

Several journal editors were out and about in the first quarter of 2015:

Cesare Gennari (EurJOC, Italy), Chris Stevens (EurJOC, Belgium), Haymo Ross, Enzo Alessio (EurJIC, Italy), Floris Rutjes (EurJOC, NL), Yann Garcia (EurJIC, Belgium), Bas de Bruin (EurJIC, NL), Burkhard König (EurJOC, Germany), Pédro Pérez (EurJIC, Spain) Inset: Karen Hindson


Shortly after the annual Editorial Board meeting of EurJIC and EurJOC at Frankfurt airport, where the editors Dr. Karen Hindson and Dr. Haymo Ross met with representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain (see photo) to discuss the future strategy for the journals, they also met with International Board members at the Chemiedozententagung in Regensburg, 2- 4th March 2015 as well as with authors and reviewers.

All welcomed the faster publication times and were pleased with the development of the successors of the national journals of ChemPubSoc Europe societies

Also recently, Dr. Michael Rowan, Editor of ChemCatChem visited the 48. Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker in Weimar, 11 – 13th March 2015, which was attended by about 600 participants. He says, “The quality of the science was excellent and I had ample opportunity to meet with most of the relevant research leaders. At this particularly successful event, Wiley-VCH attended in good numbers including colleagues from books and journals. Also representing ChemCatChem were the International Board Members Professor Walter Leitner and Professor Johannes Lercher. Many researchers gave positive comments regarding ChemCatChem. All were pleased with the journal format and office response times and were glad to hear that we had greatly reduced our publication times. They also appreciated the quality of copy editing, which seems to be leading in this field.”

And finally, at the time of writing, Dr. Anne Deveson, Deputy Editor of Chemistry – A European Journal and Monika Silz, Marketing Manager of ChemPubSoc Europe journals, will be inviting guests at the 249th ACS Spring Meeting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our flagship journal. Perhaps you tasted a piece of the birthday cake. No? You can always have a virtual piece of the cake by publishing in the journal!