C’Nano Congress Meeting 2023

This interdisciplinary meeting in nanoscience focuses on sharing and discussing research insights by leading experts in the field. An exhibition area will also be available and the best Ph.D. thesis in 2022 in nanoscience and nanotechnology will be rewarded (C’Nano and RENATECH Awards) as well as the best oral and poster presentations.


  • Nanophotonics and nano-optics
  • Nanochemistry, nanoparticles, and nanocatalysis
  • Nanobiosciences
  • Nanomechanics: surface/interface, composite nanomaterials, and hybrid nanomaterials
  • Nanoscale heat transfer – measurement
  • Nanomaterials for energy
  • 2D materials
  • Functional thin films and nanostructures: Growth and properties
  • Nanotechnology for cleaning environment
  • Nano-electronics

Plenary Speakers

  • Sarah Benchabane-Gaiffe, CNRS – FEMTO-ST, France
  • Eric Collet, Rennes 1 University – IPR, France
  • Laura Na Liu, University of Stuttgart – 2nd Physics Institute, Germany
  • Chantal Pichon, University of Orleans – CBM, France
  • Guillaume Schull, CNRS – IPCMS, France

Keynote Speakers

  • Céline Fiorini, CEA – SPEC, France
  • Bernhard Urbaszek, IPKM, Germany
  • Kevin Vynck, CNRS – ILM, France
  • Hazar Guesmi, CNRS – ICGM, France
  • Jean-Cyrille Hierso, Univ. Bourgogne – ICMUB, France
  • Catherine Especel, Univ. Poitiers – IC2MP, France
  • Nadine Candoni, AMU – CINaM, France
  • François Lux, Univ. Claude Bernard – ILM, France
  • Nicolas Martin, CNRS – CRPP, France
  • Megan Cordill, ESI – ÖAW, Austria
  • Eva Maria Weig, Univ. Konstanz – Dpt of Physics, Germany
  • Jonathan Amodeo (Invited), CNRS – IM2NP, France
  • Simon Hurand, Univ. Poitiers – PPrime, France
  • David Lacroix, Univ. Lorraine – LEMTA, France
  • Aurélien Habrioux, Univ. Poitiers – IC2MP, France
  • Elena Savinova, Univ. Strasbourg – ICPEES, France
  • Eric Ferrage, CNRS – IC2MP, France
  • Yannick Fagot-Revurat, Univ. Lorraine – IJL, France
  • Lise Michez, AMU – CINaM, France
  • Olivier Pierre-Louis, CNRS – ILM, France
  • Conchi O. Ania, CNRS – CEMHTI, France
  • Jean-François Lamonier, Univ. Lille – UCCS, France
  • Maud Vinet, CEA – LETI, France
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