Comic Voting Results

Comic 1: “The SN2 Mechanism”, Angelina Frank, Germany


Comic 2: “Conversation between Glucose and Ester”, Goh Yong Kiat, Singapore


Comic 3: “Resourceful Chemist”, Łukasz Półtorak, France


Comic 4: “Science in Chemistry 1950…and today”, Wolfgang Hasenpusch, Germany


Comic 5: “Is that the Anatomy of your Chemical Company?”, Wolfgang Hasenpusch, Germany


Comic 6: “Didn’t We Give All Assistance to our Chemical Plant Manager!?”, Wolfgang Hasenpusch, Germany


Comic 7: “The Market of Young Workers for Chemical Plants is Evacuated!”, Wolfgang Hasenpusch, Germany


Comic 8: “Poor moles”, Łukasz Półtorak, France


Comic 9: “The Chemist’s Date”, Eleanor Ng, Singapore


Comic 10: “Chilli experience…”, Marcelo Valle, Brazil


Comic 11: “The Thermometer’s Last Laugh”, Eleanor Ng, Singapore


Comic 12: “The King’s Noble Gas”, Eleanor Ng, Singapore


Comic 13: “Lab Fun”, Otello Maria Roscioni, Italy


Comic 14: “Full Metal Chemist“, Otello Maria Roscioni, Italy


Comic 15: “Super Glucose Wins a Race”, Tameika Bartley, Jamaica


Comic 16: “The Chamel-Ion”, Ulrike Boehme, Germany


Comic 17: “Safety rules – One-armed chemist!”, Olena Korotych


Comic 18: “Pieter was right!”, Neil Parker


Comic 19: “The Wheel of Metathesis”, Svetlana Tšupova, Germany


Comic 20: “The Language of Chemistry”, Michela Bellettato , Italy


Comic 21: “Humour of Compounds and Elements”, Wong Ying Yee, Singapore


Comic 22: “Buy Organic Products”, Pavlo Hlivnyj, Ukraine


Comic 23: “Chemists Everywhere”, Pavlo Hlivnyj, Ukraine


Comic 24: “Uses of Coca Cola”, Wong Ying Yee, Singapore


Comic 25: “Negative Electron vs. Positive Proton”, Wong Ying Yee, Singapore


Comic 26: “Dos and Don’ts of Lab Safety”, Ng Yi Pin, Singapore

Comic 27: “Molar Fractions”, Robert Pullar, Portugal


Comic 28: “Hexagonal Ferret”, Robert Pullar, Portugal


Comic 29: “Bunny the Chemist”, Marketa Zajicova, Czech Republic


Comic 30: “The Perfect Moment”, Gigi F.


Comic 31: “Electronegativity”, Chen Lu, Singapore