Comprehensive Support for Publishing Success

Comprehensive Support for Publishing Success

Author: Sergey Paramonov, Cathy Wheeler

Unlock your potential for publication success with comprehensive guidance at every stage of your scholarly journey, regardless of your level.

Successfully publishing your research is a critical milestone in any scientist’s career. We recognize the importance of this endeavor and offer a comprehensive set of courses and resources to guide researchers step-by-step through the complex process of manuscript preparation, peer review, publication, and promotion. We invite aspiring and experienced researchers alike to join us on a journey of publishing advancement.


1 Wiley Editing Services (WES)

Wiley Editing Services (WES) provides a full range of pre-submission and post-publication services to authors across all disciplines. Whether you’re a newly qualified chemist or an experienced published author, there’s a service to help save you time and create the best possible outcome for your work – so you can focus on your research.


1.1 Article Preparation Services

Why Choose an English Language Editing Service?

Whether you need a language check before submission or support through peer review, our English Language Editing service is ready to meet your needs. By pairing you with a native English-speaking editor with expertise in your field, you will receive a polished, submission-ready manuscript – saving you valuable time and energy.


How Can a Graphical Abstract Help Your Research?

Draw readers into your research story with our Graphical Abstract Design service. Our Graphical Abstract illustrators convert your article into a visually engaging and scientifically precise Graphical Abstract that clearly communicates your findings and meets all the artwork requirements of your chosen journal – enhancing the discoverability of your work.


Save Time with our Manuscript Formatting Service!

Our Manuscript Formatting service is ideal for busy researchers. We format your manuscript to meet the guidelines of your chosen journal, so you can spend more time doing the research you love. Our Manuscript Formatting experts are familiar with journal requirements, and will meet layout guidelines and conventions, match your journal’s style guide, and follow reference guidelines.


1.2 Find Journals That Match Your Manuscript

Not sure which journal to submit your manuscript to? Enter your title and abstract in the free Journal Finder to search for Wiley journals that match your manuscript.


1.3 Article Promotion Services

Increase the Reach of Your Article with our Video Creation Service!

Create a Video Short or Video Abstract with our professional Video Creation services and turn your research findings into an engaging and accessible overview that’s perfect for sharing on websites and social media – extending the reach and visibility of your research paper.

We recently completed an analysis comparing key usage metrics of articles with video to the average metrics of articles without video published in the same issue, and found that articles with video received 80% more full-text views on Wiley Online Library and 10% higher Altmetric scores.


Why Choose a Lay Summary to Accompany Your Article?

Explain your research to all audiences with a 200-word Lay Summary. These concise, non-technical summaries convey the essentials of your research using plain language – helping you generate wider interest in your research.

A Lay Summary helps connect you with:

  • Researchers from interdisciplinary fields who would benefit from your research
  • Researchers in your field interested in collaborating
  • Policymakers and influencers interested in science-based change
  • Funders considering applications for future grants.


2 Advance Yourself in Writing, Refereeing, and Publishing Processes

To address the publishing skills gap for researchers, Wiley has developed a series of courses offered through the Wiley Researcher Academy (WRA). It is a platform designed to empower scholars at various stages of their careers, from Ph.D. students and early career researchers to experienced scholars.

The platform offers a series of courses designed to demystify the publishing process and increase the likelihood of successful publication outcomes. Created and delivered by a distinguished global network of journal editors and industry experts from across Wiley’s portfolio, the WRA’s online courses stand as an authoritative source of training and skill development.


2.1 Skills Development

At the heart of the WRA is the recognition that skills development is crucial for researchers aspiring to make their mark in science. The platform is tailored to address the diverse needs of the research community, ensuring that individuals at all levels of expertise can find courses that align with their specific requirements. Whether it’s honing writing techniques, understanding peer review processes, or mastering publication ethics, the WRA equips researchers with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of scholarly publishing.


2.2 Learnig Paths and Course Categories

Upon registration, learners can navigate the course portfolio using learning paths and course categories. We have two learning paths:

  • for researchers and
  • for Ph.D students.

Although these paths offer a recommended sequence of courses, learners can choose topics that resonate most with their immediate interests.

Course categories can be helpful in deciding where to start. WRA has the following categories:

  • Becoming a Researcher,
  • Writing and Submitting Manuscripts,
  • Advanced Aspects of Research Publication, and
  • Going Beyond Authoring

– which cover the entire publication cycle. It should be noted that only a few selected courses are currently available for individual access, with more to become available later this year.


2.3 An Example

Success in any career is as much about developing personal skills, interpersonal skills, value-adding habits, and mindsets as it is about subject knowledge. We look at the skills needed to make the transition from student to researcher.

In the course “How Publishers and Journal Editors Can Improve Your Research Impact and Visibility” you will learn how to choose the right publication venue and understand the roles of editors and editors-in-chief to increase your research impact. Learn about editorial responsibilities, publishing trends, and strategies for increasing visibility through an interactive course with modules, interviews, quizzes, and resources on the production process, planning cycles, indexing, and strategies for improving research visibility.

You can find other courses on how to become a peer reviewer, write a better paper, or develop the skills necessary to succeed as a scientific researcher.


3 Summary

Wiley Editing Service and Wiley Researcher Academy are not just learning and service tools; they are strategic partners for researchers who want to improve the impact of their publication skills and increase their chances of getting published and being seen in the community and beyond.

Get started today!



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