Publishing OnlineOpen Under the Projekt DEAL

Publishing OnlineOpen Under the Projekt DEAL

Author: Wiley/Wiley-VCH

As of 2019, researchers from Projekt DEAL institutions can read all Wiley journals and publish their own primary research and review articles open access, retaining copyright of their works. Wiley will not charge fees to authors covered by the agreement.

José G. Hernández, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, is the corresponding author of the first article that was published in Angewandte Chemie under the Wiley/Projekt DEAL agreement. Hernández and his colleagues have developed a mechanochemical route to access tetraaryl[n]cumulenes (n=3, 5) by implementation of ball milling techniques. Central for the mechanosynthesis of the cumulenic carbon nanostructures were the development of a mechanochemical Favorskii alkynylation‐type reaction and the use of a solvent‐free, acid‐free reductive elimination with tin(II) chloride by ball milling.

Asked why he published his work OnlineOpen (open access option for hybrid journals), José G. Hernández said that his first thought was that publishing open access would help to disseminate his results to a greater audience, which would not have been possible otherwise. He was happy with the process of publishing OnlineOpen with Wiley as it was “easier than expected, with little time spent filling out extra sheets or signing legal agreements.”


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