75th Anniversary Virtual Issue

75th Anniversary Virtual Issue

Author: CHIMIA (membership magazine of the Swiss Chemical Society)

In 2021, CHIMIA, the membership magazine of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS), published its 75th volume. To celebrate this milestone, throughout the year, the SCS and the Editorial Board published short opinion pieces by invited authors on wide-ranging topics including science, industry, the environment, education, society, and politics under the title ‘A Perspective on Chemistry and Society’. They asked the authors to look forward rather than back and address current and future prospects for chemistry and society.

In a special open access collection, which is available online, all twenty-two 75th Anniversary articles are assembled so that they can be enjoyed once more as a whole.

“For me it is impressive how CHIMIA, despite not having a major publisher in the background, is among the frontrunners in modern publishing developments – be it electronic publishing or open access”, says Christian Remenyi, Editor-in-Chief of Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the membership magazine of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), on its 75th anniversary. He sees CHIMIA as a great role model for society membership magazines in terms of internationalization: “The journal thus directs its focus far beyond the limited readership in Switzerland and addresses a worldwide audience.”


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