Lithium Battery Chemistry Symposium

New electric vehicle batteries must increase their performance through improved chemistries while remaining cost-competitive with conventional internal combustion engine automobiles. By creating safe and reliable long-range batteries through improved chemistries, automotive electrification goals can be achieved.

The event wants to unite automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, their supply chain, and academic researchers to discuss technological advances. Presentations will focus on advances in high-energy lithium-ion chemistry as well as other ctopics, including lithium-metal systems, silicon anodes, NMC cathodes, and solid-state technologies.


  • Advancements in Battery Materials
  • High-Energy Lithium-ion Chemistries
  • Silicon Anodes
  • NMC CathodesSolid-State Battery Technologies
  • Metal-Lithium Systems
  • Magnesium & Sodium Batteries


Event Details

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