European Carbon Capture & Storage Industry Summit 2022

The event will focus on the legislation, regulatory framework, infrastructure overview, potential issues, and technology opportunities within the carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry. It will highlight the challenges to improve the cost-efficiency of CCS projects in Europe, along with the need to develop new CCS technologies in line with regulations. The event will also cover the need for shared business models as well as insight into the future of CCS.

The event aims to bring together senior executives from power plants owners, oil and gas companies, ongoing carbon capture and storage projects, consultants, researchers, as well as other influential stakeholders involved in the CCS value chain.


  • New regulations and their effects on the CCS industry
  • Improving the cost-efficiency of CCS projects in Europe
  • Moving towards a shared business model
  • Opportunities in new CCS technology
  • Onshore & offshore CO2 Storage


Event Details

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