Host Behavior of Biphen[n]arenes

Host Behavior of Biphen[n]arenes

Author: Theresa Kueckmann

Biphen[n]arenes (n = 3, 4) are a new family of macrocyclic molecular containers. They are made up of biphenol or biphenol ether units linked by methylene bridges, and have gained a lot of attention since their discovery in 2015.

Chunju Li, Shanghai University, and colleagues have demonstrated the host‒guest interactions of hydroxylated biphen[4]arene with a series of cationic molecules. This box-type macrocycle exhibited strong binding affinities with pyridinium-based 1,1’-dibutyl-4,4’-bipyridylium bis(hexafluorophosphate), 2,7-dibutyldiazapyrenium bis(hexafluorophosphate), and an organometallic salt, cobaltocenium hexafluorophosphate.

Due to their novel topological structures and good cavity properties, biphen[n]arenes are expected to be popular molecular containers in supramolecular chemistry, similar to calixarenes and pillararenes.


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