ChemMedChem 10th Anniversary Contest (1) closed

ChemMedChem 10th Anniversary Contest (1) closed

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2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of ChemMedChem, a Wiley-VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe journal. To celebrate, the journal released an Anniversary Page featuring excellent essays and reviews on drug discovery and medicinal chemistry – all free to read in 2016. Additionally, ChemViews Magazine published an interview with the journal’s Editorial Board Chairmen, musing on the journal’s history and its impact in the field of drug discovery.


To cap off the anniversary celebration, ChemMedChem and ChemViews Magazine are running a quiz and giving away prizes this November and December. The quiz features two drugs that have revolutionized the pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry world. All you have to do is identify the molecules.

Molecules that Changed the World From the correct entries for each compound, two winners will be selected at random and each winner will get a copy of Molecules that Changed the World by K. C. Nicolaou and Tasyn Montagnon.

Compound 1

Compound 1


  • This is a popular drug used to treat various cancers, notably breast, ovarian, and lung cancer.
  • It was originally isolated from the bark of Pacific yew (pictured), until the first total synthesis was published by the groups of K. C. Nicolaou and Robert Holton. (Photo by Jason Hollinger, CC-BY)

Send your answer and full name to
[email protected] until December 1, 2016, and use “ChemMedChem 10th Anniversary Contest” in the subject line.   This quiz is closed; winners will be announced Dec 19, 2016

Prize draw rules and regulations

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