European Women in Chemistry

European Women in Chemistry

Author: ChemViews

According to Professor Francesco De Angelis, University of l’Aquila, Italy, European Women in Chemistry edited by Jan Apotheker and Livia Simon Sarkadi is a first-class book highlighting the role of European women in sciences, and in particular, in chemistry.

“I was fascinated by all these inspirational women who … managed to reach an outstanding level of scientific achievement only through their intelligence and strong determination. During the last century – in particular, the first half – the upper classes were dominated by men, and women were generally excluded from performing serious activities, even from studying!”

Professor De Angelis goes on to discuss the contents of the book:
“The biographs of 54 women in chemistry (or alchemy, interestingly, for some women from many centuries ago) are reported in the book: scientists from all over Europe, who often also moved through Europe from one university to another to follow their thirst for culture, personal inspiration, and their desire to do something important in science. They were all gifted with intelligence accompanied by deep scientific curiosity, but always had to fight within, and sometimes against, a world that was thoroughly dominated by men.”

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