Ultrafast Fingerprint Recognition

Ultrafast Fingerprint Recognition

Author: ChemViews

Due to the uniqueness of each fingerprint, latent fingerprints are often used as proof that a person was present at a scene. Latent fingerprints are not normally visible in daylight, so several methods have been developed to enable their visualization. These can take over 15 min per fingerprint.

Su Chen and co-workers, Nanjing University of Technology, China, have developed a method that uses a commercial resin that allows ultrafast identification of latent fingerprints. They use an electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane/fluorescein nanofiber mat which could be pressed against various surfaces containing fingerprints. The fingerprints could then be visualized after exposing the mat to hot air (100 °C).

This technique is unique in that latent fingerprints can be non-destructively lifted from surfaces and developed within 30 s in daylight without the need for laborious pre-/post-treatment processes.

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