New Family of Carborane-Functionalized Polymers

New Family of Carborane-Functionalized Polymers

Author: ChemViews

Ortho-carborane, closo-1,2-C2B10H12, is a well known icosahedral boron-cluster compound. It can be included into polymers to alter the electronic and optical properties of the polymer. Most polymeric carboranes incorporate the caborane into the backbone of the polymer.

Min Hyung Lee and colleagues at KAIST and University of Ulsan, Korea, have attached carborane moieties to side chains of polyethylene. This approach gives better control of the polymer architecture in terms of molecular weight, functionality and degree of carborane incorporation. Thin films of the resulting polymer displayed strong photoluminescence in the blue-color range under UV irradiation. The luminescence was quenched in the presence of nucleophilic anions, which degraded the ortho-carborane cage.

Polymers of this type hold promise as polymeric chemodosimeter for the sensing of nucleophilic anions, such as hydroxide and fluoride.

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