Angewandte Symposium in Tokyo

Angewandte Symposium in Tokyo

Author: ChemViews/Photos by Mario Müller

The Angewandte Symposia in Tokyo, Japan, started with a dinner in Tokyo.

Professor Michael Droescher, President of the German Chemical Society (GDCh; Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker) and Evonik Degussa GmbH, presents a Liebig medal to the President of the Chemical Society of Japan (JCS), Professor Yasuhiro Iwasawa.


Professor Michael Dröscher, Professor Yasuhiro Iwasawa and Dr. Iris Wieczorek, DFG Office Tokyo, Japan, show a token of the blessing received in a Shinto ceremony for the symposium at Meiji shrine in Tokyo.




Group photo with the above mentioned and among others Dr. Peter Gölitz, Editor Angewandte Chemie, Professor Wolfram Koch, Executive Director GDCh.


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