Angewandte Chemie 5/2022: Partners

Angewandte Chemie 5/2022: Partners

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, A. S. Weller et al. discuss metathesis by partner interchange in σ-bond ligands and applications of the σ-CAM mechanism in a Review. Y. Qi et al. summarize atomic-level insights into metal halide perovskites by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy in a further Review. The Minireview deals with the clinical development of metal complexes as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of cancer (J. Karges). S. E. Reisman et al. review the 2021 Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry conference.

In the original research section, J.-D. Huang et al. report aggregation-enhanced sonodynamic activity of phthalocyanine–artesunate conjugates. J. W. Canary et al. oriented of an organic semiconductor into DNA 3D arrays by covalent bonds. C.-Y. Su et al. created dynamic nanospaces in solution by cationic cages as multirole catalytic platforms for unconventional C(sp)–H activation beyond enzyme mimics (see picture). M. Tsapatsis et al. found enhanced reactivity of accessible protons in sodalite cages of faujasite zeolite.



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