Color Switching in Ionic Liquid Crystals

Color Switching in Ionic Liquid Crystals

Author: ChemViews

Anna Getsis and Anja-Verena Mudring, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, have shown that the ionic liquids [C12mim]3Br and [C12mpyr]Br, both doped with TbBr3, as well as the neat compounds [C12mim]3[TbBr6] and [C12mpyr]3[TbBr6], are interesting new materials.

These ionic liquids form liquid crystalline mesophases over a wide temperature range and the imidazolium compounds showed a strong green luminescence. The color of the emission could be switched between green and blue-white depending on the excitation energy used.

These materials are of interest for liquid crystal displays due to their color-switching abilities. Additionally, the inclusion of the Tb3+ ion introduces magnetic anisotropy which could make alignment of the mesophase in an external magnetic field possible leading to electrically and magnetically switchable devices.

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