Starch Immobilized Catalyst for Aminonitrile Production

Starch Immobilized Catalyst for Aminonitrile Production

Author: ChemViews

α-Aminonitriles are highly useful and versatile intermediates for bioactive compounds such as alkaloids, as well as α-amino acids and 1,2-diamino compounds. The most common synthesis, the Strecker reaction, is a multistep synthesis and produces large amounts of waste. An alternative method uses environmentally benign oxidants with Ru, Fe, or vanadium-based catalysts, but suffers from poor recyclablitiy of the catalyst.

Bir Sain and co-workers, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Mohkampur, India, have synthesized a ruthenium-containing ionic liquid immobilized by expanded corn starch (ECS). The catalyst was applied to the oxidative cyanation of tertiary amines to α-aminonitriles (see scheme). It was shown to be a highly efficient and recyclable catalyst.

The biodegradable nature of the support, facile synthesis, efficient recycling, and high product selectivity, make this method an improved approach for this transformation.

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