Energy Production and Storage

Energy Production and Storage

Author: ChemViews

The book Energy Production and Storage, Inorganic Chemistry Strategies for a Warming World is edited by Robert H. Crabtree, one of the top world leaders in the field. It is essentially focused on front-line research aimed at making the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy a real possibility by solving the problems associated with the fluctuation and low intensity of solar radiation.

The book is appropriately divided into two parts, the first one devoted to energy production and the second centered on energy storage.

Sebastiano Campagna, University of Messina, Italy, says in his book review in Angewandte Chemie that it is a well-balanced book, covering most of the approaches to the problem of the production and storage of energy from renewable sources. The presentation is excellent, with most chapters well provided with references and illustrated by informative figures. Almost all chapters end with future perspectives and with summarizing conclusions, which also serve as abstracts. The book is highly recommended for all researchers in the field, and should serve to inspire new researchers to join this extremely important field.

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