2011 Trends in Chemical Education

2011 Trends in Chemical Education

Author: ChemViews/GDCh

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Trends in Chemical Education 2011

H.-J. Becker, H. Hildebrandt, J. C. Kühlmann

Learning and emotion are inextricably linked. Currently, enormous efforts are being made to change the negative perceptions of teaching chemistry through educational activities. Nevertheless, teaching chemistry (and chemistry) has been unpopular for the past few decades.

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Hans-Jürgen Becker, has been a professor of didactics of chemistry at the University of Paderborn, Germany, since 1995. Before this, he was at that Technical University and the Free University of Berlin, Germany, as well as an active member of the Berlin school service. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1978 at the FU Berlin and his habilitation at the same university in 1992.

His main research interests are conceptual and university didactical topics as well as the foundation of a systematic method in chemistry didactics.

Henry Hildebrandt was a research assistant under Hans-Jürgen Becker, Didactics of Chemistry, and Gregor Fels, Organic Chemistry, at the University of Paderborn, Germany. He did his Ph.D. under Hans-Jürgen Becker. He is a secondary school teacher in Herford, Germany, and lecturer at the University of Paderborn.

His research priorities are tertiary and media didactic issues as well as transitory problems from junior to senior high school. In his habilitation he dealt with meta-cognitions of tutors of didactics of chemistry.

Jennifer Kühlmann

Jennifer Christin Kuhlmann completed her teaching degree in chemistry, physics, and German at the University of Paderborn, Germany, where she has been a Research Assistant in the Chemistry Education Research Group since June 2010. She earned her Ph.D. under Hans-Jürgen Becker on the subject of interest in and learning chemistry. Her research focuses on the documentation and meta-analysis of teaching on the subject of interest in and learning chemistry.

References and Comments

The complete reference list, sorted into the sections of the trend report, is available on the internet for download: www.gdch.de/publikationen/nachrichten-aus-der-chemie/downloads/literaturlisten/trendberichte.html

This report is based on the chemical-didactic database Fadok (Paderborn) and Buedok (Paderborn) with currently circa 55,000 entries (largely with abstracts), amended with chemical-didactic books, archived materials and internet searches.

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