Merck-Banyu Lectureship Award 2011 Winner

Merck-Banyu Lectureship Award 2011 Winner

Author: ChemViews

Dr. Ryo Shintani, Kyoto University, Japan, has received the 2011 Merck-Banyu Lectureship Award from Merck Research Laboratories, USA, and Banyu Life Science Foundation International, Japan. The award was established in 2004 to encourage young scientists. It is bestowed annually on a Japanese chemist less than 40 years of age, who has made as outstanding contribution in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. The prize will be awarded at the Banyu Sendai Symposium on June 2, 2012, and as part of the prize, the Dr. Shintani will embark on in a two-week lecture tour to major universities and research organizations in the USA, including Merck Research Laboratories, in October.

Ryo Shintani graduated from Kyoto University, Japan, in 1999, and received his Ph.D. in 2003 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, under the direction of Professor Gregory C. Fu. He has been an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, since 2003.

His research involves the design and use new organic reagents for palladium-catalyzed stereoselective intermolecular addition/cyclization reactions, in particular efficient generation and use of zwitterionic π-allylpalladium intermediates bearing pendant nucleophilic sites. His work has allowed for the preparation of a diverse array of carbo- and heterocycles that were difficult to synthesize with existing methods.

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