The Future of Medicinal Chemistry

The Future of Medicinal Chemistry

Author: Jonathan Faiz

Medicinal chemistry is often referred to as a mature science, but this is a misconception as it is rather that medicinal chemists have had some considerable successes in pharmaceutical R&D. However, medicinal chemists have the potential to play a much wider role in this area than they currently do.

In their Editorial for Angewandte Chemie, Torsten Hoffmann and Rainer Metternich from F. Hoffmann−La Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland, outline the areas beyond the traditional borders of medicinal chemistry that they think should be investigated in order to advance pharmaceutical R&D. This includes phenotypic discovery, regenerative medicine, and peptide therapeutics. They also discuss how a supportive working environment that fosters creativity can be achieved in terms of access to appropriate resources and removal of pressure to reach challenging targets.

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