Organic Compounds Suitable For Printable Electronics

Organic Compounds Suitable For Printable Electronics

Author: ChemPlusChem

A team of collaborators from Belgium, Argentina, and Turkey has prepared materials that show promise as solution-processable organic field-effect transistors. Materials that can be applied from solution are advantageous for cost-effective manufacturing of devices.

The group, led by Wouter Maes and Dirk Vanderzande, synthesized a series of thiazolothiazole (TzTz) semiconductors through Stille or Suzuki coupling reactions (see scheme).

Thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, cyclic voltammetry, and UV/Vis spectroscopy were applied to determine the thermal and electrooptical properties of these interesting materials. Good charge-carrier mobility of 1.58×10–3 cm2V–1s–1 was achieved for spin-coated films of Th-DTTzTz; this performance is likely linked to its microcrystalline fibrillar structure observed for the solution-casted film.

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