The Smart Article

The Smart Article

Author: ChemistryViews

Chemistry information is moving at a faster pace
with more journals, publications, and articles published than ever before. Chemists and other scientists need to get to the heart of the research rapidly and get quick insights of the core findings of research. The Smart Article, a series of enhanced chemistry article tools, has just been rolled out on two of Wiley’s chemistry journals, Chemistry – An Asian Journal and Chirality.

The Compound Browser is one of the features of the Smart Article. When opening the HTML version of the article, it immediately opens at the bottom of the screen and extracts the featured (i.e., labeled) compounds, as well as other compounds.

The Smart Article

Clicking on one of these allows to see where the compound is mentioned in the article and also to get additional information like the formula, molecular weight, synonym, SMILES, InChi und InChi key. It is also possible to export the structure or image as mol, sdf, jpg, or png files.

Read the following issues for free:

Chemistry – An Asian Journal and Chirality


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