Angewandte Chemie 52/2012: Happy Holidays!

Angewandte Chemie 52/2012: Happy Holidays!

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In the Review in this issue, W. Bonrath et al. look back at the 100-year history of vitamin research. What impact did the commercial synthesis of vitamins have on human and animal health, as well as economic development? In an Essay, J. M. Thomas discusses the pioneering work of W. L. Bragg on X-ray crystallography. The Highlights deal with desymmetrization catalyzed by transition-metal complexes in the stereoselective formation of silicon-stereogenic silanes (L.-W. Xu) and a gold(III) monohydride (A. S. K. Hashmi). J. F. Stoddart writes about the way from supramolecular to systems chemistry in an Editorial.

In the Communications section, A. J. R. Heck et al. outline how to analyze intact antibodies by native mass spectrometry (see picture). F. Glorius et al. present rhodium(III) and hexabromobenzene as a catalyst system for the cross-dehydrogenative coupling of simple arenes and heterocycles with arenes bearing directing groups. K. Ding et al. succeeded in the catalytic hydrogenation of cyclic carbonates to form methanol and diols. M. S. Islam et al. report on the atomic-scale structure of Li2FeP2O7 and conclude that, if this material is used as a cathode, Li+ ions are transported rapidly through a 2D network along certain paths.

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