Guess the Chemist (22)

Guess the Chemist (22)

Author: ChemViews

This person was born in 1893 in London, UK and obtained a B.Sc. in 1913 from new Hartley University College in Southampton, UK. After a brief period at Imperial College, London, this person moved to Glasgow, UK, in 1915, where they worked on the preparation of gases for use in chemical warfare.

After obtaining a Ph.D. in 1918 at Imperial College under the supervision of Jocelyn Thorpe, in 1921 they gained a D.Sc. degree. From 1921 until 1924 this person held a lectureship at Imperial College. In 1923 they married a fellow chemist with whom they had collaborated with. This person moved to the University of Leeds, UK, in 1924, where they held the position of Professor of Organic Chemistry. Upon returning to London in 1930 they took up the position of Professor of Chemistry at University College London (UCL). In 1937, this person became head of the chemistry department at UCL, a position in which they stayed in until their retirement, in 1961.

During the course of their career, this person established some of the fundamental mechanisms of organic chemistry and is regarded as one of the main pioneers of physical-organic chemistry. This person also received many honors throughout his career; in 1924 they were elected a fellow of the Royal Society, UK, and knighted in 1958.

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