Taming Acrylate Esters

Taming Acrylate Esters

Author: Theresa Kueckmann

Acrylate esters are stably encapsulated in a crystalline host consisting of three-dimensionally networked molecular capsules. Single crystals of interconnected cobalt tri(pyridyl)triazine capsules can be used as a solid-state storage medium for the reactive and volatile esters.

Makoto Fujita and co-workers, University of Tokyo, Japan, demonstrate single-crystal-to-single-crystal inclusion of several acrylate esters in the networked molecular capsules. Harnessing the single crystallinity of the host, the structures of methyl and tert-butyl acrylates have been determined by X-ray diffraction analysis.

Once encapsulated, the acrylate esters do not undergo polymerization even under UV irradiation or heating. Trigger molecules, such as toluene, release encapsulated acrylates on demand.

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