20 Years of Chemistry

20 Years of Chemistry

Author: ChemViews

The 1st issue of Chemistry – An European Journal was published in April 1995. It comprised 10 papers and was the first journal co-owned by ChemPubSoc Europe, an organization of 16 European chemical societies from 15 different countries. 20 volumes later, the journal appears 52 times a year and contains more than 2000 articles from 61 countries.

To recognize some of those who have made very special contributions to the success of Chemistry—A European Journal, an Honorary Board has been instigated in January 2014. The inaugural members of this are listed in the editorial of Neville Compton [1]. Among them is the founding chairman Jean-Marie Lehn, who also has a paper on highly organized, hexameric supramolecular architectures in the 1st issue [2].

Another highlight of 2014 will be a special issue featuring research from previous finalists of the European Young Chemist Award. The award is organized and sponsored by the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and the Italian Consiglio Nazionale dei Chimici (CNC) and awarded at the EuCheMS European Chemistry Congresses. Chemistry—A European Journal has been a strong supporter of the award.

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