Analytical Chemistry Trends 2008/2009

Analytical Chemistry Trends 2008/2009

Author: ChemViews/GDCh

Nachrichten aus der Chemie (the membership magazine of the GDCh) annually publishes trend reports in which authors spot and compile an overview of inspiring work and recent trends in the most important chemical disciplines.
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Analytical Chemistry 2008/2009
by R. Nießner et al.

Atomic spectrometry, nano- and microspectroscopy,  separation techniques and mass spectrometry, immunoassays, chemo and bio sensors, chemometric and metrology. Genuine analytic process developments run almost exclusively within the small-scale range.

In the field of analysis, this is evidenced by the recent increase in the development of nanomaterials, reagents or separation processes as well as their applications and validations.

Knowledge for the development of complex spectrometers or autonomously working analysis platforms is still seen as the key to technology leadership in the spectroscopic instrument markets. However, while these machines find a home in almost every university analytical department, their development is hardly ever performed there anymore.

In the private sector, interest in food analysis and clinical diagnostics has become more important, while process analytics are replacing environmental monitoring themes in the literature.

Author: Reinhard Nießner, born 1951, studied chemistry in Freiburg and Dortmund, where he obtained his PhD in 1981.

After his habilitation (1985), he was professor of inorganic and analytical chemistry at the University of Dortmund from 1986 to 1989. In 1989 he accepted the chair for analytical chemistry at the TU Munich.

His research interests are analytical methods in environmental chemistry, special laser spectroscopy, chromatography and immunserological techniques for the study of aerosols, hydraulic colloids and biofilms.


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