10 Years Ago And Now: Raymond Wai-Yeung Wong

10 Years Ago And Now: Raymond Wai-Yeung Wong

Author: Chemistry – An Asian Journal


Chemistry – An Asian Journal speaks with authors about 10 years ago and now.

The journal celebrates its 10th volume in 2015. The year’s first issue features papers from the journal’s most frequent authors.
The journal Editors have asked these featured authors to provide a glimpse of themselves and how their world has changed over the past decade.



Interview with Raymond Wai-Yeung Wong

The downside of my job 10 years ago was … the deficiency of postgraduate research students in the group.
And today … it is the lack of sufficient time to supervise the research students because of many other commitments.

The best thing about my job 10 years ago was …
being able to devote myself to my research and teaching only.
And today … it is the challenge to manage the whole department.

My greatest motivation 10 years ago was …
to climb up the academic ladder with great research productivity.
And today … it is to nurture more young scientists in the group.

In a spare hour 10 years ago …
I did something I wanted to do.
And today … I will take a short rest to refresh myself.

My favorite piece of research from the past 10 years is …
the successful development of some highly efficient multifunctional metallophosphors for OLED applications.

My most exciting discovery in the past 10 years has been …
the use of low-bandgap metallopolyynes for organic solar cell applications.



Raymond Wai-Yeung Wong

Date of birth   

August 1970


Chair Professor in Chemistry and Head of Department, Hong Kong Baptist University, China




PhD, University of Hong Kong, China
(Prof. Wing-Tak Wong)

Postdoc, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA
(Professor F. Albert Cotton)

Postdoc, University of Cambridge, UK
(Professors Lord Lewis and P. R. Raithby)



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