Special Issue: ChemCatChem

Special Issue: ChemCatChem

Author: Emily Seo

Unifying Concepts in Catalysis
Edited by Prof. Christian Limberg and Prof. Matthias Driess

To take advantage of the progress made by the various branches of catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous and biological), the Cluster of Excellence ”Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat), consisting of six academic institutions in Berlin and Potsdam, was founded. Its purpose is to achieve maximum synergy within the area of catalysis and to increase understanding of its fundamental concepts, which could provide a platform for improved catalyst knowledge and design.

Issue 7, 2010 of ChemCatChem is a special issue dedicated to the UniCat cluster edited by Prof. Christian Limberg, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany, and Prof. Matthias Driess, Technical University, Berlin, Germany. The interdisciplinary research areas include bridging the materials gap in complex catalysis, natural and artificial enzymes and complex reaction engineering.

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