AkzoNobel Science Award

AkzoNobel Science Award

Author: ChemViews

The AkzoNobel Science Awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions by individuals in the fields of chemistry and materials science. For Bert Meijer, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, these have included development of the dendritic box, and the ureidopyrimidinone-based supramolecular polymers, where the monomers are held together by four hydrogen bonds.

Meijer and his team also studied other non-covalent interactions, such as the pi-pi interactions between large organic molecules carrying long hydrocarbon chains. His current interest lies in the numerous possibilities of complex molecular systems, where multiple components interact to arrive at novel functional properties.

“Bert Meijer is a highly motivated, creative and versatile scientist with a real feeling for science at the highest level and for finding innovative applications for materials developed in his laboratory,” stated the judging panel in its consideration.

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