Special Issue: MOFs

Special Issue: MOFs

Author: ChemViews

Arising from supramolecular chemistry, host-guest chemistry and crystal engineering, the field of metal – organic frameworks (MOFs) has intrigued researchers since the 1990s. The rise of effective design and synthetic strategies has enabled MOFs to be used in a variety of fields, from gas storage to drug deliver.

Because of this, the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry has dedicated a special issue to MOFs, in particular, the targeted fabrication of MOFs for hybrid functionality, with guest editors Susumu Kitagawa (left), Kyoto University, Japan, and Srinivasan Natarajan (right), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Among the articles in this issue; applications of MOFs as MRI agents and metal nanoparticle hosts are reviewed while Dirk De Vos and colleagues, Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, discuss how composites of MOFs and silica can be applied to HPLC.

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