EurJIC Poster Prizes

EurJIC Poster Prizes

Author: ChemViews

The European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry and Wiley-VCH recently awarded poster prizes at two conferences: the 38th National Congress of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society and the Gordon Research Conference “Metals in Medicine”.

At the Gordon Research Conference, the prizes went to:

  • Jenny Z. Zhang (above, right), University of Sydney, Australia, for her poster “Enhancing the Tumour Penetration of Anticancer Platinum Complexes” (EurJIC prize)
  • Russell J. Ernst, California Institute of Technology, USA, for his poster “DNA Mismatch Binding and Antiproliferative Activity of Rhodium Metalloinsertors” 
  • Beeta Balali-Mood (right), Imperial College London, UK, for “Oligomeric Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents for MRI” 
  • Alejandro M. Trujillo, Colorado State University, USA, for “Probing the Interactions of Vanadium Compounds with Membrane-Like Model Systems”

In Italy, the winners were:

  • Elisa Moretti (above, left), University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy, for her poster, entitled “Ce-Zr-Cu Mixed Oxide with Layered Morphology for the On-Board H2 Purification by Preferential CO Oxidation”
  • Monica Saladini (left), Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy, for “New Curcumin Derivatives as Metal Chelating Agents”

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